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  1. How does Rat-A-Scat work?

Rat-A-Scat is design to help you keep rodents.   Rat-A-Scat uses all natural ingredients to repel rodents away.   Rodents have a higher sense of smell than humans and when a rodent comes near Rat-A-Scat, the scent irritates the rodent causing it to stay away from the scent. 

When should I replace Rat-A-Scat?
Rat-A-Scat uses essential oils as an active ingredient to repel rodents.   Because essential oils will dissipate overtime, weather conditions, such as humidity, dew point, temperature, and wind may affect the duration of the scent.   For example, during the summertime in Tucson, Arizona, temperatures can exceed well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with relatively low humidity and dew points.   With these extreme weather conditions, you may need to replace Rat-A-Scat sooner than the recommended 30 days.   That is why we recommend replacing Rat-A-Scat every 30 days or when you can no longer smell the essential oils.  

  1.  Where should I use Rat-A-Scat?

You can use Rat-A-Scat anywhere (indoors or outdoors).  Rat-A-Scat uses natural ingredients and is non-toxic.  There are no pesticides or harmful chemicals in Rat-A-Scat.   You can place Rat-A-Scat in your car, RV, boat, garden, around your house plants or anywhere you desire to keep rodents away.

  1. What does it mean that this product is exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protect Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) regulations?

Rat-A-Scat satisfies the conditions required for federal minimum risk status.   Minimum risk pesticides are a special class of pesticides that are not subject to federal registration requirements because their ingredients, both active and inert, are demonstrably safe for the intended use.

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