Product Instructions


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Rat-A-Scat maybe used indoors or outdoors.   Simply place pouches in areas where you want to deter rodents from hiding, feeding, or nesting.

For best results, in areas where there is evidence of rodents hiding, feeding, or nesting, it is recommended you clean the area before placing pouches. 

Each pouch covers approximately 4 ft². 

Rat-A-Scat's active ingredient is essential oils.  Overtime, the scent of the essential oils will dissipate.  

Typical scent duration is 30 days.  Replace when scent is gone.  Weather conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and wind, may affect scent duration. 

Do not use on food and feed commodities.

Do not place pouches on surfaces that maybe stained by essential oils.  


Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Not intended for internal consumption

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 

Remove pouches before operating, starting, or driving any vehicle, machinery, boat or equipment.

Essential oils may irritate skin, eyes, mouth, and nasal passages.   It is recommended that you wear gloves and a mask when handling pouches.


Storage and Disposal:
Store only in original container in a dry place inaccessible to children and pets. Do not reuse empty containers. Offer for recycling if available or discard in trash.


Recommended Usage:

A.    Cars, Trucks, and RV(s):

1.      Engine compartment (2-4 pouches)

2.      Trunk or boot (1-2 pouches)

3.      Inside car, truck, or RV (2-4 pouches)

4.      Remove pouches before operation


B.     Construction and Farm Equipment:

1.       Engine compartment (4-6 pouches)

2.      Inside cab (2-4 pouches)

3.      Remove pouches before operation


C.     Boats:

1.       Engine compartment (2-4 pouches)

2.      Inside boat (4-6 pouches)

3.      Remove pouches before operation


D.    Sheds, Barns, and Garages:

1.       Approximate coverage 4 ft².

2.      Recommend placing 1 pouch every 4 ft.

3.      For example, a 10 ft. x 10 ft. ( 100 ft²)  garage, recommend placing 1 pouch every 4 ft. for a total of 25 pouches.


E.     Utility Boxes

1.      Inside utility boxes (2-4 pouches)

2.      Avoid contact with electrical wires or circuitry


F.      Pools, Spas, and Hot Tub (2-4 pouches )

1.      Next to pumps and piping (2-4 pouches)

2.      Avoid contact with electrical wires or circuitry


G.    Gardens & Trees

1.      Place next to or hang from pots or planters (2-4 pouches)

2.      Hang from trees, such as citrus trees (4-6 pouches)